• Short tail swing to work safely in narrow job sites. (ZX75US-5N)
  • 1-way/2-way selector valve for attachment mode (breaker and grapple).
  • 3-way selector valve switch over the hydraulic route to thumb or breaker operation.
  • Faster front attachment operation.
  • Auxiliary function lever for various attachments.

Quality Details

  • Boom Cylinder Guard: The boom cylinder is protected with a cylinder cover to increase durability.
  • Hose Protectors protect hydraulic hoses on the boom arm.\
  • Standard auxiliary hydraulic lines are plumbed to the end of the boom to simplify attachment use.
  • Durable rubber minimizes ground damage and allows machines to cross virtually any terrain, including paved surfaces.
  • Standard backfill blade adds versatility enabling these compact to grade and backfill as well as provide extra stability.


  • Full hydraulic pilot valve
  • Higher productivity
  • 2 work modes (Eco and Power) for desired productivity.
  • Eco friendly auto idling system for lowering unnecessary fuel consumption and emission.
  • The Hitachi hydraulic system, featuring excellent controllability, allows for quick response to varying job needs, such as powerful excavation and smooth grading.