Quiet, high-efficiency design

  • Noise level is as low as 62dBA at 23 feet when idling. This is substantially less noise than competitors’ machines.
  • Direct-injection engine meets strict new EPA Tier4F emission standards (PDS185S-6E1).

Top fuel economy

  • The PDS185S-6E1 offers the best fuel economy: for any air compressor in its class.
  • Automatic engine idle drops speed to 1300 rpm when there is no load on the engine.
  • Fuel economy is maximized by “throttling” or restricting the air intake, depending on demand.
  • Auto-sensing ECO-MODE decreases receiver tank pressure during unloading

Convenient access and storage

  • Large, lockable gull-wing style doors with gas struts virtually lift themselves for easy one-hand access to tool storage and service components.
  • Larger tool compartments hold 90 pound breakers and other tools and hoses.

Durable, reliable construction

  • Powder-coated finish and stainless steel hardware maintain their attractive appearance.
  • Engine is directly coupled to the airend by a fiber gear coupler for improved power transmission, alignment and longevity.
  • Improved unloader valve and air pressure regulator feature O-rings instead of diaphragms.

Easy maintenance

  • External separate element.


Type: Single-Stage, Oil Cooled, Screw-Type
Free Air Delivery: 185 scfm
Working Pressure: 100 psig
Max. Working Pressure: 120 psig
Air Receiver Tank Capacity: 5.29 gal.
Air Outlets: ¾”” x 2
Engine Coupling Type: Fiber Gear Direct Coupling
Lubrication System Type: Pressure injected lubrication
Lubrication System Capacity: 3.96 gal.
Oil Cooler Type: Separate Side-by-Side Oil Cooler and Radiator
Separation Filter: External


Model:- Yanmar 4TNV88C-DHKS
Type:- Water-Cooled 4-Cycle, Direct-Injection, Tier 4F Compliant
Cylinders:- 4
Displacement:- 133.6 (2.189 L)
Horsepower:- 47.6 hp (35.3 kw)
Low Idle:- 1350 rpm
High Idle:- 3000 rpm

Fuel Consumption:-
2.4 gph @ Full Load
1.7 gph @ 70% Load
0.8 gph @ No Load

Fuel Capacity:- 24.0 gal
Cooling System Capacity:- 1.93 gal.
Oil Capacity:- 0.9 gal.
Electrical System:- 12-Volt, Maintenance-Free Battery

Dry Weight:- 2120 lb.
Weight with Towing Frame:- 2420 lb.
Weight w/o Towing Frame:- 2120 lb.
Length with Towing Frame:- 132 in.
Length w/o Towing Frame:- 76 in.
Width with Towing Frame:- 68 in.
Width w/o Towing Frame:- 49 in.
Height with Towing Frame:- 62 in.
Height w/o Towing Frame:- 45 in.
Operating Weight:- 2620 lb


Max. Altitude:- 4921 ft. (1500 m)
Max. Ambient Temperature:- 113° F
Min. Ambient Temperature:- 5° F (-15° C)
Max. Incline:- 15°
Sound Level:- 62 dBA