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Material Handling Equipment Rentals

Construction materials are heavy, and they cannot be moved by hand except in small amounts. While possible, this is incredibly time-consuming. Instead, material handling vehicles should be used to transport items around and reduce the amount of time a project takes. The primary vehicle used for these purposes is the forklift. We offer several different types of forklifts for rent.


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Warehouse Forklifts
Warehouse forklifts are for indoor use on stable and even surfaces. They can be driven short distances only. Construction sites often use these forklifts once they have the outside of their building constructed and material stored inside as this allows them to move the content around easily. Our warehouse forklifts have a loading capacity of up to 5 tons.

Rough Terrain Forklifts
These forklifts are for outdoor use and can also be outfitted with attachments, making them versatile items. They tend to have a low profile to avoid tipping and are narrow enough to maneuver through tight spaces. They are also incredibly durable. There are two-wheel and four-wheel drive options. We offer rough terrain forklifts with a load capacity of up to 15,000 pounds.

Pallet Jacks

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Also known as an electric pallet truck, this machine is used to move small loads across relatively small spaces, almost always indoors. It is less expensive than a forklift and arguably easier to operate. However, it does not offer the same power or load capacity. They also cannot lift items very high, only about 48 inches in height, so they are not suited to many applications. This machine features a set of forks, a hydraulic lift, and wheels.


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