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Welder Rental Equipment

Welding allows construction crews to bond metals and thermoplastics to each other, creating stable structures. It can be used to secure items like bolts and screws, to create joints, and more. Because it is a specialized job, it requires specialized tools.

Welding Equipment

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Different types of welding will require different types of welders. The four most common types of welding are MIG welding, TIG welding, flux-cored welding, and stick welding. We carry welders that can handle all four processes, offering options in various amps and power sources.

Some of the welders and accessories we stock include:

• Arc welders
• MIG welders
• Acetylene welders
• Racks
• Flux recovery systems
• Helmets
• Adapters
• Flint strikers
• Air arc gougers

• Flowmeters
• Angle Heads
• Remotes
• Cables
• Hoses
• Torches
• Oxygen storage
• Carts
• Pipe beveling machines

• Clamps
• Smoke and fume extractors
• Plasma cutters
• Stud guns
• Cutting rigs
• Welder banks
• Cylinders
• Safety screens


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