Compaction & Paving Equipment Rentals

Also called steam rollers, compactors prepare the ground for construction work or smooth final products, as is the case with sidewalks and asphalt. They come in two configurations: single drum and double drum. Double drum models are more powerful than individual drum models, but harder to control. In most cases, a single drum model is all that is needed.


Ramax 1575 33 image

Rammax RX1575

The Rammax RX1575 was designed to meet and exceed contractor expectations. This walk behind articulating roller is perfect for smaller and medium sized jobs. The drum can be adjusted from 24” to 33” wide by adding drum rings. The unit works well even on inclines or uneven surfaces and still provides outstanding compaction.

VIB Pate 150 200LB image

VIB Plate 150-200lb

This walk behind compactor is an excellent choice for trenchwork, inclines or slopes, foundations and construction work. It can compact asphalt, sand, stone, paving blocks and other materials. Operators will appreciate the anti-vibration handle also.

Jumping Jack 100LB image

Jumping Jack 100LB

This compactor is ideal for confined area compaction offers great productivity. This compactor is known for its performance and ease of operation.


Landscape Roller

Our landscape roller is light and maneuverable enough for yard work with its 28 gallon drum. Use it for seeding, compacting loose soil and or sodding. It is versatile and can be pushed by hand or towed with your yard equipment.


75 lb. Floor Roller



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